30 May, 2012

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and pizza

So far my quest of delicious pizza up here has not been in vain. I have found a couple places not named Pizza Hut or Papa John's or Domino's that are kick ass in taste and not an ass kick in the wallet. Actually I should say that this is for thin crust style meatza's which I love more than any other pizza known to man and or woman.

Upper Crust in Lexington is by far my favorite, also fun fact* Lexington is full of old white bags of money. Ironically (not ironically) this place, as the name dictates is actually a little pricey but it's worth the splurge every now and again. Unless you are the persons mentioned previously then you can eat all your pizza on top of a large pile of ducats and Franklin's.

Second favorite and a lot closer to my current home is Stromboli's Express. It's pretty close to home which is nice and it's not like the previously mentioned pizza place and is wallet friendly.

This post would have been a lot more delicious if I posted pics but I didn't want to eat two pizza pies for the sake of blogging. I shouldn't say didn't want because I could put them down but for the sake of my waist line and health I opted not to.

*fun fact disclaimer: I have no idea that is true, I just saw a lot of rich whitey's walking around the streets.

First blog post of 2012!

09 December, 2011

The search for my first motorcycle

So after years and years of patiently waiting I finally got the okay and went and got my motorcycle's permit, passed on my first try woohoo!, and am now doing my research into looking for my first motorcycle. I have a good idea on what bike I want so now it's just trying to find it. I am excited to say the least. I really have been wanting a motorcycle for a quite a while, ever since my friend Henry got his bike like 10 years ago.

So pretty much I will be using this blog to update bike building progress, riding experiences and some other random shit I feel like posting out on the world wide web. What I've learned so far though is people really have no idea on pricing their bikes. A $500 paint job does not constitute in a 3K raise in price you dumbass. I guess this is half the battle of finding a bike by dealing with all the freaks on craigslist.

Hopefully my next post will be photo's of my bike, hopefully.

And hopefully I don't end up like this

26 May, 2011


I've been on this crazy Zombie kick lately (notice that I capitalized the Z in Zombie?) regarding movies/tv shows, video games and real life Zombie outbreaks. Wait what? Yes that's right I said it. One can never be too ready when it comes to Zombie outbreak preparedness.

I guess my only concern would be what kind of Zomz would be on the earth. If we are talking 28 days later type creatures the outlook is very grim. Zombieland Zomz would be more manageable I feel like. I mean if Columbus can survive with a double shot 12 gauge then sign me up, oh and he [SPOILER ALERT] gets the girl at the end as well. The most ideal Zombie situation would be The Walking Dead zomz. They are more of the attack in herds type, overpower you with their large numbers and go to town on your innards. Interesting side note to The Walking Dead if you have ever watched the 1985 classic The Return Of The Living Dead the half zombie that is on the medical table that is being interrogated, the Walking Dead has a very eerily similar Zombie in Season 1 Ep 1 when Rick snags the bicycle when he leaves the hospital. Okay I'm a nerd whatever I can deal with it.

Cracked has a pretty sweet write up detailing 5 ways a Zombie apocalypse could happen for all you non believers out there. My advice to you is to get gnarly with the weapon making, buddy up, stock up on supplies and blast these songs while you are fucking smashing in the brains of the undead. Remember head shots save lives.

10 February, 2011

New Strokes Single

To be completely honest I wasn't crazy about this single the first time I heard it today but it has really gotten my attention more and moar. Also with this new Album coming out in mid March will mean a tour! Hooray! Listen and if you don't like it listen to it a couple more times.

31 January, 2011

Music Elitist Assholes or Elitist Music Assholes or Just Assholes

I really don't understand the psyche of people who stand upon their high pillar of insiders music knowledge and cast down a scornful gaze and make it well known that they've known of "Artist ABC" when they were ->(insert early career scenario here). Case in point the other night I caught a college radio show a few weeks back while my friend James was looking at my automobile and while listening to the DJ (honestly who really is a radio DJ at a college radio station)and just hearing how she was so blase' about certain bands and how their breakthrough album was selling out, lost it's original sound, their unsigned label was better, etc.

I am guilty of being the person mentioned in said title so I am not saying I am perfect but honestly, WHAT GIVES YOU THE RIGHT? My example is this: when I was in 4th grade my uncle's Metallica Ride The Lighting tape somehow came into my possession. That was my musical awaking. I sprung a musical metal boner and copied all of his other tapes and could not get them into my Walkman fast enough. When the Black album came a couple years later every other kid was a Metallica fan but of the Black album variety and not the previous albums. I can not express to you enough how high I held my nose in regards to "those" fans, looking back on it now I don't really understood why I was like that. So what if Johnny Public liked the album that made them more famous, if they enjoyed it enough maybe they would look into their other stuff. Who am I to judge? Why wasn't I excited that that person and I shared some musical interest? What really is a bummer and also self inflicted is that because of my past musical snobbery I missed out on bands that I really enjoy now but have no chance of ever fully reuniting.

To get back to my original story I found the elitist tone happening all throughout the radio show mentioned previously. She was playing Indie rock songs and the like, I believe it was an Indie Rock Show radio hour(s). I really just can't figure out the attitude. What really grinds my gears is that this happened weeks ago but it's still been in the back of my mind. Why should one person care of another person's musical/album/song preference? Who made you music choice God besides yourself? I highly doubt that you've been that cool since you came out the womb! Play the damn music and keep your opinionated and biased comments to yourself. Sweet Jesus.


Former music elitist asshole

PS Here's a video of Toki wearing a "codpiece"

24 March, 2010

Endless Summer

This movie is absolutely amazing, this has gotten my interest wholeheartedly in surfing.

24 November, 2009

ESPN Commercials

There are few things I enjoy more than ESPN commercials; Lanie & Griffin, Lolcats, a Marlboro Red being the exceptions. If you have some time to kill just youtube the shit out of them. Here is a sampling of my all time faves.

Albert "The Machine" Pujols

Big Pappi a Yankee?

Maria Sharapova snakes in can!

Jose Reyes salsa instructor

Manny Ramirez
(This commercial never aired apparently because he was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers before they were going to air it.)

SVP hangs with AD